Neoprene Sheeting (10% Content)

Item Code: RC0338

Material:Neoprene / SBR
Roll width:1.4m
Roll lengths:5m, 10m
Thicknesses:1mm – 25mm
Hardness (Shore A):70°

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Firm material
  • Durable
  • Multi-functional rubber
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Suited to a range of applications
  • Cost effective solution

Product Information

Neoprene Sheeting (10% Content)

Our neoprene sheeting (10% content) is the ideal product for use in applications that require a cost-effective solution. This sheeting offers the same look and feel as other neoprene products but only contains 10% of the rubber content. Despite only having 10% of the rubber content, this product gives you many of the useful characteristics of neoprene at a fraction of the price. This sheeting is perfect for use in applications where the material is not coming under duress and so resistance is not essential. Packing pieces, dust seals as well as protection pads are a few examples of when this product would be ideal. We offer a wide selection of thicknesses, widths, and lengths to ensure that you get the perfect product to match your specific requirements.

We supply a wide range of rubber sheeting in various sizes and compounds.You can view our full range of rubber sheeting products here.

Cost Effective Quality Product

Although this particular neoprene sheeting (10% content) is cheaper than some of the other rubber sheeting products we offer, we still manufacture to the same high standard. This product features a smooth finish, while also having the same physical appearance as the more expensive products. This product has a shore (A) hardness rating of 70° which means that this is a relatively firm product. The firmness makes this product excellent at protecting and absorbing impacts and also grants it excellent tear and abrasion resistance. Despite being firm, this product is still easy to manipulate and shape to suit your unique requirements.

Easy to Install and Manipulate

For your convenience, we deliver this sheeting in rolls as it is both easy to handle and transport. You can cut this product using a standard press tool to enable it to fit around complex objects or areas. To install this sheeting, you can either lay it down as is, or for customers requiring a permanent solution you can use a neoprene adhesive to bond this product to almost all surface types.

Shipping and Manufacture

Our neoprene sheeting (10% content) is shipped direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. This product is also quality tested by our specialist staff. This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Technical Data

ApplicationPacking Pieces, Dust Seals, Protection Pads
ProductRubber Sheet
MaterialNeoprene / SBR Compound
Hardness (Shore A)70°
Roll width1m, 1.4m
Roll length20m, 10m, 5m, 2m
Thickness1mm – 50mm
Tensile strength569 PSI
Elongation at break200%
Compression (70°C for 22 hours)40%
Tear resistanceN/A
Maximum temperature75°C
Minimum temperature-20°C





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