polyethylene sponge strip 12.5mm x 3mmpolyethylene sponge strip 12.5mm x 3mm

Polyethylene Sponge Strip – 12.5mm x 3mm x 10m

Item Code: RC1101-PE-12.5X3

Material:Cellular polyethylene
Size:12.5mm x 3mm
Weight:0.1kg per 10m metre
Cellular structure:Closed cell, cross-linked
Minimum order quantity:12 off
Estimated delivery:3 to 5 working days

£4.37 exc. VAT£5.24 inc. VAT

1 unit = 1 x 10m length

Product Information

Polyethylene Sponge Strip 12.5mm x 3mm

Our polyethylene sponge strip 12.5mm x 3mm is a highly versatile sealing and protection solution. We supply all of our polyethylene strips with a strong tack self adhesive backing, preinstalled and ready to use. The adhesive backing enables you to attach our strips to virtually any surface, rough or smooth. It also saves you time and effort as installation requires no additional tools and creates no mess.

All of our polyethylene sponge strips are closed cell, cross linked with a uniform and fine cellular structure. This ensures that our strips require minimal compression in order to create an air and watertight seal.  The uniform cell structure also serves to evenly distribute pressure and impacts to help prevent the cell walls from bursting. This can help to increase the materials potential from impact absorption while extending the service life of the strip.

Please note: the adhesive backing is attached to the largest dimension of the strip.

Highly Versatile Sealing Solution

Our polyethylene sponge strips are able to create an airtight seal with only 15-20% compression. Polyethylene sponge is also a highly resilient material, which is able to maintain its structure after repeated impacts. This is a highly versatile sealing solution that is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications and environments. We regularly supply this material for use in packing, case inserts  as well as door and window seals in automotive, marine and transportation industries.

A Variety of Applications

Dust & liquid seals

Door & window seals

Vibration isolators

Shock absorbing cushions


Shipping and Manufacture

We ship our polyethylene sponge strip 12.5mm x 3mm direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. Our specialist staff quality check each product prior to dispatch. This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Technical Data

CompositionPolyethylene (PE)
ApplicationsDust & liquid seals, door & window seals, vibration isolators, shock absorbing cushions, gaskets
Density (Block)33 kg/m3
Density (Range)28-38 kg/m3
Tensile Strength>250 Kpa
Elongation at Break>170%
Compressive Strength (10% Deflection)35-55 Kpa
Compressive Strength (25% Deflection)55-85 Kpa
Compressive Strength (50% Deflection)120-170 Kpa
Compression Set (22h @ 23°C)15%
Working Temperature Range-60°C to + 100°C
Water Absorption (7 days)<1%




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