RubbaStar – Abrasion Resistant Sheeting – Red

Item Code: RC0315-10

Material:Natural rubber
Roll width:1.4m
Roll lengths:5m, 10m
Thicknesses:3mm – 25mm
Hardness (Shore A):45°

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Product Information

RubbaStar | Red Natural Rubber Abrasion Resistant Sheeting

Our red natural rubber abrasion resistant sheeting, also known as RubbaStar, provides superior abrasion resistance in physically demanding applications. It is the perfect product for use in shotblast, chute lining, conveyor skirts, as well as wear strip applications. This product is available in 1.4m widths, in either 5m or 10m roll lengths as standard. We can also supply a wide variety of thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 25mm in order to ensure you get the perfect abrasion resistant sheeting to suit your unique application.

We offer a varied selection of sheeting products, click here to view our full rubber sheeting range.

Highly Durable Material

A key feature that sets our red natural rubber abrasion resistant sheeting apart from the competition is the products good chemical resistance. RubbaStar is resistant to many common dilute acids as well as alkalis. This enables you to use our product in a wider variety of applications and environments without fear of deterioration.

We always manufacture from the highest quality compounds possible in order to ensure that we can supply a dependable product. This product features a tensile strength rating of 10.0 Mpa, which is significantly stronger than similar compounds. Our RubbaStar abrasion resistant sheeting also features an abrasion resistant rating of 150mm3. These two characteristics provide excellent durability in a range of physically demanding applications. This enables our product to be in constant use without fear of deterioration and also helps to increase the life expectancy of the sheeting.

Finishing Options

We also offer a variety of customisation options for our red natural rubber abrasion resistant sheeting. This can allow for easy installation or to improve resistance in certain applications. Although it is supplied with a smooth finish as standard, the following finishing options are also available on this particular product:

Tacky – Back A bonding layer applied to one surface
Dry – Back Heavy Duty EP fabric layer on one or both sides
PU – Face A 2 or 3mm polyurethane coated surface layer

The above finishing options are available as a special order, and may be subject to minimum order quantities. Please contact us for more information.

Shipping Information

We ship our red natural rubber abrasion resistant sheeting directly to you from our warehouse in the United Kingdom. We supply this particular product in a roll format in order to allow for easy handling. Our specialist staff quality test all products before sending orders out for delivery.


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