NEW IN – Expansion Seal Profiles

Expansion seal profiles perform a crucial role within a number of construction applications. Our newly launched range offers a gap sealing solution for virtually any requirement.

What is a Expansion Seal?

An expansion seal is a profile that slots between two concrete or similar surfaces. It enables the concrete to expand and contract as the temperature changes. It also forms a break between the concrete and other parts of a structure in order to allow movement without causing stress.

Why do you need Expansion Seals?

It is a known that concrete will shrink slightly during the curing process, also that it will expand or contract depending on the temperature. Expansion seals are crucial to prevent cracks and deterioration and are often a necessity for slabs with a surface area exceeding 6m2. They are also particularly important in applications where concrete has been installed within an area that is bordered by walls or buildings.

How to Install Expansion Seals

Our expansion seals are designed to be installed without the need for adhesive or permanent fixing. This is due to a combination of the flexible nature of the profiles and the gripping fins that many of them feature. It ensures that the profiles provide a tight and secure fit at all times. To install you simply need to push the profile in place between the two surfaces. Many of our profiles do not require you to push them down too deep into the gap, simply enough that the entire profile is submerged. Some profiles also include a lip on the top surface of the profile in order to bridge the gap between the two surfaces and minimise tripping hazards.

Other Applications

Aside from its intended purpose our expansion seal profiles are suitable for a wide variety of gap sealing solutions. As the seals require no adhesive, you can use them with a variety of different materials in different working environments. The design of our expansion seals help to prevent liquid, dust and debris build-up from interfering with machinery or structures.

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expansion seal profiles
expansion seal profiles