Bubble Top Anti-Fatigue Matting – 60cm x 90cm & 90cm x 150cm

Item Code: RC04107

Sizes:60cm x 90cm
90cm x 150cm
Hardness (Shore A):60°
Estimated delivery:1 to 3 working days

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Anti-slip and anti-fatigue design
  • Bubble pattern provides excellent levels of grip in wet and dry environments
  • Bubbles are soft for underfoot comfort
  • Helps to reduce stress on muscles and joints
  • Suitable for most footwear types
  • Suitable for frequent use and heavy footfall applications
  • Ramped edge reduces risk of trips
  • Durable construction resists tearing and punctures

Product Information

Bubble Top Rubber Matting | Anti-Fatigue

Our bubble top rubber matting provides a simple, yet effective anti-fatigue and anti-slip flooring solution. The high-quality construction enables you to use our bubble pattern mats in a variety of applications and industries. This matting can greatly benefit any application that requires users to stand in one place for long periods of time. We regularly supply this product for use in production lines, behind shop counters, behind bars, and in kitchens. We can supply our bubble top matting with a thickness of 13mm in either 60cm x 90cm or 90cm x 150cm as standard.

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Excellent Safety

The unique bubble pattern on the top surface enhances these mats with two important features. First of all, the bubbles are soft enough to be comfortable underfoot while being sturdy enough to create an effective anti-fatigue surface. This is important as the surface encourages users to move about and adjust their standing position. This helps to keep the blood circulating while reducing stress on muscles and joints. Finally, the bubble pattern serves to create an anti-slip surface. Each bubble creates its own gripping surface in order to improve usability in both wet and dry environments. This unique combination of features ensures that our bubble top rubber matting can provide superior safety in any application.

Common Applications

  • Production lines & manufacturing plants
  • Packaging stations
  • Behind tills & pay stations
  • Behind bar bounters
  • Kitchens

Shipping and Manufacture

We ship our bubble top rubber matting direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. Our specialist staff also quality inspect each mat prior to dispatch. This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Technical Data

ApplicationEntrance, Health & Safety
ProductAnti Slip, Anti-fatigue
Hardness (Shore A)60°
Size61cm x 90cm x 13mm (OR)
90cm x 150cm x 13mm
Weight18.20 kg/M²
Density1.40 SG
Tensile strength4.0 MPa
Elongation200% min
Abrasion resistance190 mm³
Minimum temperture-20°C
Maximum temperture+70°C





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