Food Grade Nitrile Sheeting

Item Code: RC0343

Material:Nitrile (FDA approved)
Roll width:1.4m
Roll lengths:5m – 10m
Thicknesses:1mm – 10mm
Hardness (Shore A):60°
Colours:Blue, White

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Product Information

Food Grade Nitrile Sheeting

We specifically manufacture our food grade nitrile sheeting for use in food and beverage contact applications. It is designed to greatly reduce the chances of contamination while offering great stability across a wide temperature range. We supply this product in choice of blue and white colours, with both options offering the same properties. Our food contact sheeting is available in widths of 1.4m in 1m to 10m lengths, depending on your colour choice. We also have a wide selection of thicknesses to choose from ranging from 1mm to 10mm. This ensures that you can always get the perfect product to suit your unique requirements.

Nitrile offers a number of properties that make it highly suited to use in food, beverage as well as pharmaceutical industries. It features a broad functioning temperature range and is particularly resistant to deterioration in high temperature environments. Another key feature, which makes our food grade nitrile sheeting highly desirable is the product’s excellent grease and oil resistance. This ensures that our sheeting is able to offer a superior life expectancy compared to similar compounds particularly in food processing applications.

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Safety is Key

Our food grade nitrile sheeting fully complies with US FDA 21 CFR177.2600 & EU 1935/2004 and USP Class VI standards. This ensures that our product is safe to use and meets any health and safety regulations. The colour variants we offer also help to increase the safety of our nitrile food contact sheeting. They help to reduce the risk of contamination as the colours are easy to notice in almost all food and beverage types.

Shipping Information

We ship our food grade nitrile sheeting directly to you from our warehouse in the United Kingdom. We supply this particular product in a roll format to allow for easy handling. Our specialist staff quality test all products before sending orders out for delivery. This ensures that you only get the best quality products possible.





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