Sanitising Boot Dip Mats

Item Code: RC04105

Material:Natural rubber
Mat size:0.81m x 0.99m x 46mm
Coefficient of friction (dry):>1.0
Coefficient of friction (wet):0.98
Colours:Black, Black / Yellow
Estimated delivery:5 to 7 working days

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Superb footwear disinfection
  • Dimpled well base to remove dirt and debris
  • Deep well for disinfectant retention
  • Suitable for a wide variety of footwear types
  • Highly durable and flexible
  • Solid mould construction- no gaps or leaks
  • Bevelled safety edge all round
  • Black or black with yellow safety edge

Product Information

High Wall | Sanitising Boot Dip Mats

Our sanitising boot dip mats provide a simple yet durable solution to reduce the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. This product is designed for use in sensitive environments such as production facilities. However, our boot dip mats are also extremely popular in bars and kitchens where reducing the spread of germs is essential. We have two colour options for this particular product, either black or black with high visibility yellow edging.

The base of our mats contain hundreds of individual rubber fingers that pull and catch liquid as well as debris from the bottom of your footwear. The rubber fingers are flexible and durable enough to withstand all footwear types without deterioration. This confines the dirt to a small space for easy disposal and maintenance.

Another unique feature of our sanitising boot dip mats is the products heavy duty, tall outer edging. This has been specifically manufactured to provide superior levels of liquid as well as disinfectant retention. The outer edges of the mats also feature a bevelled design, which serves to greatly reduce any potential tripping hazards.

Here at RubberSmart we supply a diverse range of matting products to suit any working environment, click here to view the full matting range.

Safety Is Key

When it comes to your safety, we believe that there should be no compromises. As a result of this, we always manufacture our products with durability and life expectancy in mind. We manufacture our boot dip mats using a specialist, grease resistant natural rubber compound. This ensures that our matting can withstand heavy footfall in a wide variety of industrial environments. Natural rubber also provides good physical properties, such as abrasion and tear resistance. These properties ensure that our boot dip mats can be in constant use without fear of warping or deterioration.

Shipping Information

We can deliver our sanitising boot dip mats directly to any mainland United Kingdom address using a speedy service. Our specialist staff also quality test all products before sending orders out for delivery. We always aim to provide the highest quality products to meet or exceed your expectations.

CompositionGrease resistant natural rubber
ApplicationsIndustrial environments, bars & kitchens, sanitisation, health & safety, general purpose
Recycled content>33%
FlammabilityMeets specification
Coefficient of friction: dry>1.0
Coefficient of friction: wet0.98
ResistanceGrease, common cleaning chemicals
Maximum temperature49°C
Minimum temperature-12°C





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