Neoprene BS2752 Sheeting

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Material:Neoprene / SBR
Roll width:1.4m
Roll lengths:10m, 20m
Thicknesses:0.5mm – 6mm
Hardnesses (Shore A):50° – 80°

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Multi-functional rubber
  • Good resistance to chemicals and oils
  • Suitable in outdoor weather conditions
  • Able to tolerate a range of temperatures
  • Suited to a range of applications

Product Information

British Safety Standard | Neoprene BS2752 Sheeting

Our neoprene BS2752 sheeting is a highly durable product. It offers excellent resistance to oils, greases, water, ozone, moderate chemicals as well as acids. This sheeting is very dependable and the superior resistance it offers enables you to use it in a wide variety of applications. This particular sheeting is available in a range of hardnesses, thicknesses, widths, and lengths in order to ensure that you get the perfect product to match your unique requirements.

Neoprene material offers is suitable for use in a range of environments due to the material’s wide temperature range. It will easily function in temperatures as low as -30°C and as high as 120°C. This makes it perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. It also offers good weathering resistance which ensures it requires little to no maintenance. Aside from offering good chemical and temperature resistance, our neoprene sheets are also highly resistant to abrasion deterioration. This allows our sheets to be in frequent to constant use, without warping or deteriorating.

We supply a wide range of rubber sheeting in various sizes and compounds.You can view our full range of rubber sheeting products here.

A Range Of Hardness Available

We are able to supply this particular neoprene BS2752 sheeting in shore (A) hardnesses from 50° to 80°. This ensures that you get the perfect product for your application. The lower the hardness the softer the material, which makes it easier to bend and stretch without breaking. This could be useful if the sheeting needs to wrap around a bend or an object. While the higher hardnesses are firmer which grants them greater strength and protection.

Manufactured To Industry Standards

BS2752 certification is only given to neoprene products that meet a specific set of criteria. An independent company conducts the tests in order to ensure fair and accurate readings. This certification ensures that our product meets industry safety standards.

Easy to Install and Manipulate

We will deliver this product to you in rolls which makes it easier to handle and transport. It can be cut using a standard press-tool and installed either as is, or fixed to a surface using a neoprene adhesive.

Technical Data

ApplicationSound Studios, Construction Sites, Industrial Gasketing, Chemical Resistant Applications, Marine.
ProductRubber Sheet
MaterialNeoprene / SBR Compound
Hardness (shore A)50-80°
Roll width1.4m
Roll length20m, 10m
Thickness0.5mm – 6mm
Tensile strength12.00 – 13.00 MPa
Elongation at break400% – 150%
Maximum temperature120°C
Minimum temperature-30°



Datasheet C40Datasheet C50Datasheet C60Datasheet C70Datasheet C80


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